Who is Warren Seranio? 

I’m a person who loves to create!  At a young age I drew my own comics, created characters, wrote stories and designed my own board games.  I even built my own computer at the age of fourteen and coupled with my passion for video games, I set my sights on continuing my creative path as a programmer. So, upon graduating from high school I applied for and was accepted as a computer science major at the University of California Irvine. However, by the end of my freshman year my childhood passion for art resurfaced and I decided to change my elected major to pursuing a BFA in Illustration.

I am extremely proud of my portfolio and the technical and creative skills I’ve acquired as a professional artist.  My clients have complimented me on the high quality of my work, along with the collaborative professionalism I bring to all of my assignments. They’ve also commented on my responsiveness to deadlines and my ability to work well under pressure. I am confident that I can add value and aid your organization in achieving its strategic goals.

My objective is to secure a full-time position as an Illustrator, Character Designer, Visual Development Artist or a Jr. Art Director with a firm who is truly interested in hiring a talented and versatile artist. As my portfolio shows, my artistic style is broad and adaptable to many industries including: Animation, Video Games, Mobile Applications, Film, Marketing and Design.  I am highly motivated and eager to take on challenges; and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you personally!



(909) 680-0091